Movement is essential and exercise is optional. – Gina Fontaine

Gina Fontaine, CPT, CES

Gina appreciates playfulness, embodies strength, inspires self-love and connects her clients to the power of their higher self.  As a body consciousness coach, she teaches women how to honor their bodies as a sacred temple of wisdom.

She uses a variety of modalities including yoga, meditation, mindset training, Pilates, water fitness, strength training and electromagnetic technology to help her clients generate body awareness. Her refined eye for technique and being able to adapt to her client’s needs comes from her three-decade career as a fitness professional. She now takes her clients on a spiritual journey using the body as the vehicle. Once a positive relationship is established with the body, Gina’s clients thrive and more easily adopt a healthier lifestyle. Gina believes being healthy can be fun and easy.

She created and wrote the Power of Pregnancy Pre and Postnatal Fitness Certification in 2015 and she founded the Supermom Club in 2021 to help women emerge more confident and grounded during times of transition and stress in motherhood. Her book You Are a Supermom: 5 Ways to Reclaim Your Superpower and Thrive dispels the 5 myths that often keep moms from thriving. She lives with her three children in Denver, Colorado, where she loves to hike, play tennis and paddleboard.


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