We were all created for connection and we are wired for relationships. In this episode, I am talking with parenting educator, Sheryl Gould on the importance of connection and how we can build stronger connections. We discuss why we should pay attention and connect with ourselves, the role emotions play in connection, how listening improves connections, and modeling how to pay attention to your heart.

Sheryl Gould is a parent educator and author. She is the founder of Moms of Tweens and Teens, an international organization supporting moms to grow in their self-awareness, become more effective parents, and build stronger connections with their adolescents and families. Sheryl’s mission for Moms of Tween and Teens is to provide moms in every city worldwide with a nonjudgemental and compassionate place to share the struggles and triumphs of raising teens and tweens.

Building a strong connection has such a huge impact on our children and Sheryl and I want to help you with that connection. Be sure to check out The Duet Project and The Moms of Tweens and Teens for ways to build connections!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of connecting with our hearts and our kids’ hearts
  • The impact accepting emotions and building connections has on children
  • How to listen without becoming defensive or offering advice
  • What it means to connect with your heart
  • Why we should model listening to our heart

Resources Mentioned

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