Sandi Sturm is the founder of Earth Focus Group, with a mission to create a world of people who understand our changing climate and that individual actions affect everyone on earth.

To help individuals reach the recommended goal of reducing emissions 50% by 2030 and 100% by 2050, she has written the book “Family Survival Guide for our Changing Climate: 52 Empowering Actions You and Your Family Can Take Now!”

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To help environmental organizations build a larger coalition, she also developed the website which serves as a database of environmental groups in all 50 states. The mission is to build capacity around environmental groups in the U.S. so we can educate more people about climate change and empower them to participate in solutions.

Sandi and her husband Wayne travel the US full time in their motorhome. Staying in places two to three months at a time allows them to explore many natural places and the wonderful people who inhabit them.

She also has a National Park habit and is working towards visiting, exploring, and assisting in the preservation of every single one of them.

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